Applied photonics
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Perm National Research Polytechnic University
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Requirements to paper formatting

Requirements to paper formatting

A paper is to contain:

1) Universal Decimal Classification code in a paper heading (Appendix UDC).

2) A paper title in Russian and English (font: Times New Roman Cyr, semibold; character size: 14).

3) List of authors with their place of work in Russian and English (font: Times New Roman Cyr, semibold; character size: 12).

4) Abstract (not more than 10 sentences) both in Russian and English.

5) Key words (from 6 to 15 words) both in Russian and English.

6) A paper text itself complying with the requirements (Appendix “Formatting”).

Also, it is necessary to provide the Editorial Board with the following information:

1) Information about authors (Appendix “About authors”).

2) Expert report from the organization where the paper author works (approved by the organizations where co-authors work).

3) Author’s consent for his paper to be published in the journal of “Applied Photonics”.


Appendix 1. Universal Decimal Classification code according to the journal theme:

1) technologies and properties of optical components: 681.7.068

2) Sources, receivers and transducers of optical emission: 681.7.068/.069

3) Optical communications: 621.372.8.082.5

4) Optical sensors and information systems: 681.586.5

5) Laser technologies of material processing: 621.373.826; 621.9.048.7

6) Photonics in biology and medicine: 57.621.383; 61. 621.383

7) Radio photonics: 621.383

Appendix 2. Paper formatting.

•        font: Times New Roman Cyr;

•        character size: 12;

•        single line space;

•        full page justification;

•        it is advisory not to use text wrapping;

•        page margins: left is 3 cm; right is 2 cm; top is 2,5 cm; down is 2,5 cm.


For equations, please use Equation 3.0 and later versions complying with the following parameters:

•        font: Times New Roman Cyr;

•        size: 12 (regular);

•        place formulas in the center and their numbers at the right margin of a page.

Tensor and vector values are to be in Roman face, Greek charactersare to be in Roman type, Latin scalar quantities and indices are to be inclined.

It is recommended that figures and tables in a paper are to be formatted according to the following rules (“Example of paper formatting”):

•        figures and tables should be part of the text, in the center of a page;

•        pictures should be submitted digitally saved in either of formats for bitmap storage;

•        figures should be saved in vector or bitmap formats (600 dpi resolution);

•        figures and graphs should be in black and white colours;

•        figures and tables in the text are to have references.

4. List of references should be made according to GOST requirements.

Appendix 3. Information about authors.

Author 1

1.      Full name.

2. Place of work, place of study (full name of an organization in the nominative case).

3.      E-mail address.

4.      Address of place of work, study (including postal code) and phone number.

5.      Position, academic degree, academic title other honorary titles.

6.      Postal adress for sending a personal copy of the journal to an author.



1.      Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich

2.      Perm National Research Polytechnic University


4.      Address: 29 Komsomolsky prospekt, Perm, 614990, telephone: +7 (342) 2-198-000

5.      Professor, Head of ... Department, Laureate of Linin Prize.

6.      Address: 29 Komsomolsky prospekt, Perm, 614990, Department of Applied mathematics


Author 2 etc. (if available)

(Repeat the list with information)

2021: 1 2
2020: 1 2 3 4
2017: 1 2 3 4
2016: 1 2 3 4
2015: 1 2 3 4
2014: 1 2